ZGPAX S8 Standalone Smart Watch Phone – Detailed Review

ZGPAX S8 Standalone Smart Watch Phone – Detailed Review

Here’s a detailed look at the ZGPAX S8 Android based standalone smart watch phone. We examine the user interface, features, and limitations of this device. Be sure to see our comparison video with the AOKE Z15 device.

Right now, this watch has a firmware issue that prohibits the device from running apps which rely on the Google Play Services, like YouTube (but TurboTube plays fine and is much faster when it buffers video for offline use). There are a few threads following this situation, and we are all waiting for ZGPAX to release a firmware update to restore Google Play Services. This may or may not impact you. Gmail works fine. Apps where you used Google+ to login won’t allow you to login. Anyway, check comments below for updates, or navigate to these links for more background:

–If there’s an official firmware update it will probably appear here.

More details and options:

There are several others links out there as well. This is pretty Geekie stuff. I’m waiting for something official from ZGPAX and/or something really simple to use to update without bricking my watch. Once I’ve got Google Play Services restored, I’ll post a video on how to do it. Let’s see if Google and ZGPAX can get this fix out before the “Game Changer” iWatch hits the market….

UPDATE 2/16/2015: It looks like this firmware problem might be isolated to those watches release prior to the end of last year. Recently ordered ones may be OK. Still need to hear fro more of you. Can you download and run YouTube? If so, your OK. If not, you have the firmware problem. How’s your watch?

UPDATE 5/16/2015: One of our viewers mentioned the “Goldkey Secure Communicator” watch appears to be identical to the S8. I agree! Check out this fun video: