Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3 Xiaomi MITU Rabbit Children Watches 3

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3  Xiaomi MITU Rabbit Children Watches 3

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An excellent choice for a young researcher
Voice assistant Smart plant recognition
High resolution camera a Degree of protection IPX7
Baby smart watch Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3 (4G) (rose)
Fast 4G network, 9-factor location
MiTu Kids Watch 3 can work in 4G networks, providing the child with a stable connection, fast Internet and accurate location.[GPS + Beidou + WiFi + base station + Magnetic field sensors + AGPS + photo Help + EPO + HotStill].

Already managed to gain a lot of fans voice assistant Xiao AI is now available in the smartwatch. Just contact him, and you will understand how convenient it is – he knows how to tell stories and puzzles, turn on music, set an alarm clock, find answers to questions and more. In addition, Xiao AI’s voice assistant can be tied to the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker or Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker mini’s smart speaker, and then parents will always know where the baby went, or how much charge is left on the watch.

Smart plant recognition
A limitless treasure trove of information right on your hand
MiTu first added the feature of recognition of the plants in the smart watch. For recognition, you just need to take a photo, and the voice assistant will give a brief encyclopedic reference. Convenience and ease of use will help the child to satisfy curiosity and learn more about the world.

Camera high resolution at an angle of 30°
MiTu Kids Watch 3 is equipped with a 20-megapixel high-resolution camera, which is specially installed at an angle of 30° for easy shooting. With it, the child will be able to capture the bright moments and keep pleasant memories.

Retina display with curved edges and wide view
The MiTu Kids Watch 3 smartwatch is equipped with a 1.41” high resolution AMOLED display and 320*360 resolution. It features wide viewing angles and durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass with curved edges. This glass does not leave fingerprints, and it has a high resistance to scratches.

Little narrator right on the wrist.
Are dad and mom too busy or don’t know any interesting stories? Smart watches MiTu Kids Watch 3 know more than 400,000 children’s songs and stories that will help the child not only to fall asleep, but also to learn a lot about the world.

Degree of protection IPX7
You can safely play in the rain
IPX7 degree of protection against water and dust means that the child can safely wash his hands or play in the rain without removing the watch.

Fascinating pedometer
In addition to the usual functions of counting the number of steps and daily comparison of the result with family members, pedometer MiTu Kids Watch 3 has a special system of incentives. The child can choose one of 4 virtual Pets, the food for which will be produced from the steps taken during the day.