Wearable tech trend at Consumer Electronics Show

Wearable tech trend at Consumer Electronics Show

Wearable tech trend at Consumer Electronics Show…

Wearables continue to be a big trend in the technology industry.

Technology you can throw on your wrist, foot, ear, head to track x, y or z–you name it and it appears to be cooking at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Need to get somewhere in a jiffy? Fret not because Rollkers will have your back.

These aren’t your mama’s rollerskates.

The gadget attaches to the soles of shoes to improve efficiency in the way we walk.

The company says the transportation accessory can help increase people’s walking rate up to 7 miles per hour.

The powerful motor on the rollkers will help create inertia–wearing a pair is supposed to mimic what it’s like walking on a moving walkway at the airport.

And if you’re like me and enjoy falling asleep to music, you may be interested in SleepPhones.

These cushy little headbands contain removable speakers– helping you tune out with tunes without fussing with earbuds that don’t stay in.

Simple but smart.

If you need some meditation in your life, Melomind might help you take a breather.

The headset that looks like something out of an X-men movie could help improve your health and well being by monitoring your brain activity and then providing you with tailored music to help you de-stress.

The melomind will take you through 15 minute relaxation sessions.

Pre-orders for the headset start around $300–but the Sleephones are around $40 –so that may be a little more affordable.

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