Top 5 Best Smartwatches⌚Under ₹4000 in India | Cheap Fitness Bands 2020 [Hindi] 🔥🔥

Top 5 Best Smartwatches⌚Under ₹4000 in India | Cheap Fitness Bands 2020 [Hindi] 🔥🔥

5 Best Fitness Tracker SmartWatch in Hindi 🔥

In this video, we recommend you some of the best budget smartwatches that you can purchase under Rs.4,000 in India.

You can buy these smartwatches from Amazon:

1. Amazfit Bip Lite ►
2. Noise Colorfit Pro ►
3. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 ►
4. Gionee Smart Life ►
5. 10or Move+ ►

Benefits of Using a SmartWatch:

► Notification A smartwatch as the name itself suggests is smart, which means the watch not only displays date and time but also the SMS, Whatsapp, and call notifications. Therefore, the user can check the notification without even picking up the Smartphone.

► Accessing the data is easy when it comes to a smartwatch, all the information will be available on the wrist.

► Some of the smartwatches come with a feature that would allow the user to control the volume of Bluetooth speakers, TV, etc.

► A smartwatch like the ones from Apple allows the user to get through the airport security with ease.

► Some Smartwatches come with a feature that allows the user to answer the calls without actually taking the Smartphone in hand.

► Smartwatches come with health monitors that will allow the user to keep track of health-related data like a heartbeat, sweat, etc.

Difference between Smartwatch and Smart band:

► There are very few good quality smartwatches that are present under this segment but Yes! Some great smart bands you can buy in this budget price segment. So I have selected both smartwatches and smart bands.

► But this question might come into your mind that what is the difference between a smartwatch and a smart band. Whether I should buy a smartwatch or smart band. Don’t worry let me make it simple for you.

► Smartwatch is a typical wristwatch that is made to fulfill the watch purpose but in a technological way. It offers you great features like accept, reject calls, see your messages and much more and all of these features make a watch a smartwatch.

► On the other hand, a smart band is made to monitor your health activities such as heart rate, pulse rate, sleep quality, walking, running, swimming and much more. Yes! You can also find some of these features in a smartwatch too.

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