The Ring That Helps You to Sleep Better (OURA Ring Review 2017)

The Ring That Helps You to Sleep Better (OURA Ring Review 2017)

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Basically, the OURA Ring is an activity monitor that tracks your sleep and movement.

It records how you slept during the night and then gives you precise data about how long you spent in different sleep cycles, how much time you actually spent awake and when did it happen.

What I’ve found it to be most useful for is structuring my daily activities around my sleep and readiness scores.

Using data provided by the OURA Ring, we could all be less stressed out, be more productive over the long term, be healthier and happier.

That’s the greatest reason why you should get an OURA Ring – accurate quantifiable sleep data.

1. There aren’t many other tracking devices out there that do this that precisely.
2. The airplane mode function is extremely important and beneficial
3. It’s not going to disturb your sleep because you won’t even notice wearing it

Of course, there are some things that could be better about this ring but my rating for the OURA Ring would be 8.5/10.

P.S. Use the Code SIIM for a -10% discount on their 2.0 ring

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