The 5 Best Smart Rings

The 5 Best Smart Rings

The 5 Best Smart Rings

Just when you thought electronic devices couldn’t get any smaller, along comes the smart ring. Although still in their technological infancy, they can already let you receive mobile notifications, send messages, transfer files, control apps, lock and unlock your smartphone, and more. ons to support our work.

1. Timer Smart Multifunction
The Timer Smart Multifunction has a sleek, subtle design that does attract too much attention, but it still has a refined and elegant feel. It’s available in white or black, and seems like a perfect mix of tech and style for locking or unlocking Android phones.

2. 7 Ares
Available in three styles, the 7 Ares has much of the functionality of a smartwatch in the compact and durable format of a sterling silver ring. It delivers subtle notifications with color-coded flashes of light, and can also be used to make emergency calls discreetly.

3. Jakcom R3
The Jakcom R3 has a black exterior that won’t clash with your favorite outfits, no matter how bright and busy they may be. It can interact with any device that features NFC technology, like smartphones and the Raspberry Pi, as well as many RFID access keypads.

4. ChiTronic Magic
The ChiTronic Magic can be coordinated with multiple applications on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to complete actions with nothing but a touch. It has an attractive glossy finish with a simple diamond ornament that makes it a stylish accessory.

5. NFC Ceramic Eclipse
The NFC Ceramic Eclipse is lightweight and water-resistant, so you can wear it anywhere from the office to the gym without worrying about damage. It can be programmed to share and transfer information, unlock devices, and control apps.

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