Smart jacket paves way for high-tech wearables 스마트 재킷, 건강 모니터링 개발

Smart jacket paves way for high-tech wearables   스마트 재킷, 건강 모니터링 개발

And finally, a team of engineers in Mexico has developed a new high-tech jacket that can track your health and fitness,… paving the way for the next-generation of smart wearables.
Paul, this looks like an amazing piece of technology… but the big question is, “Will this get me into shape?
Well, I′m not certain if it will get you into shape, but I am sure it′s going to get people excited about exercising in new and innovative ways.
Designed for joggers, the jacket called “Podium” not only measures your heart rate and body temperature, but any kind of movement.
In order to collect the data, the smart jacket is packed with sensors and can even be recharged using embedded solar panels.
Created at the National Autonomous University of Mexico,… the smart jacket also feeds vital signs and performance information to smartphones in real-time.
But aside from the cutting-edge features, the development team said they focused on merging form with function.

“We designed several versions of the jacket until we came up with a design that could cover the electronics throughout the human body. The jacket is made of laser printed water-proof material. This breathable material allows runners to keep cool.”
The first batch of jackets has already been made and the team plans to start filling orders by early next year.
According to research firm Juniper, the global smart wearables industry is expected to reach 53 billion U.S. dollars, in terms of revenue, by 2019. Chery.
Well, I can′t wait to see what the future holds for this market. Fun stuff. All right Paul,… thanks for those updates. We′ll see you back… in just about two hours.