#samsung #SmartWatch #watch Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch jovo.pk stock

#samsung #SmartWatch #watch Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch jovo.pk stock

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There’s a lot I like about this smartwatch. It’s fast, has excellent user interface, multiple navigation options and the Samsung S Health app/features is great.

With respect to design, it’s a classic design with silver watch case and black leather band. I’m not nuts about the watch strap because it’s a bit thick, but that’s not a problem because the band is 22 mm wide with easy removal so I swap out the strap with a variety of Fossil Q straps.

The battery charge lasts a good duration. I’m a heavy user and after 18 hours or so, it usually has 30 to 40% charge remaining which means it easily lasts a full day with heavy use (I set it to bright display and use a lot of apps and receive a lot of notifications).

The circular perimeter display of the various apps is a terrific display design. Accessing apps is fast and easy. The swipe is smooth and seldom sticks (much less so than Android Wear smartwatches). It’s fast with above-average RAM and the Tizen operating system is excellent.

The voice recognition is reasonably accurate although I don’t use it much. I prefer using the watch to check incoming messages/emails. I don’t use the watch much for inputting info whether voice and/or text input. If I need to respond, I’ll grab the phone.

This watch is not waterproof, just water resistant. It does have a heart rate monitor sensor and GPS. It also syncs really well with Spotify (read my full Spotify and Gear S3 article at

While out-of-the-box the S3 won’t sync with Google Fit, you can download the Health Sync app which will then sync the 2 together, which is great if you also have an Android Wear smartwatch.

Cons: limited number of apps for gear, but this will improve over time. Also, it’s not waterproof, which I think is a big mistake.

Big picture: For the money, this is a great smartwatch.


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