Researchers develop wearable tech that can control smart devices

Researchers develop wearable tech that can control smart devices

Not so long from now, you may be able to control your computers or smartphones with your hands.
Local scientists have developed a new technology they believe could change the way we interact with our devices.
Kim Min-ji reports.
By simply clenching your hand, then opening it again,… you can control screens of computers or televisions.
The selected screen moves when you clench your fist and move it up and down.
When clenched, the watch is on,… when released, it is off.
This is what’s known as ‘wearable gesture’ technology,… which works off the movement of wrist muscles.
Researchers say the technology is more advanced than the current ‘wearable devices’ on the market… and it allows users to answer phone calls and control volume with a simple clench of the fist.

“Using infrared telecommunications,… the technology senses the movement of the wrist muscle… and converts the gesture into an order to control the contents.”

When the user is wearing the watch,… they can control and communicate with nearby smart devices.
As the technology recognizes the movement of wrist muscles and does not depend on a camera,… it can be used anywhere at anytime.
By adding authentication functions,… researchers believe that users will eventually be able to open the doors to their cars or even their homes.

“Because the technology recognizes the movement of the hand,… we believe that it is the right technology to adopt in smartbands,… or in other smart devices being developed now.”

The wearable tech market is expected to be worth some 500-million U.S. dollars by 2018.
The research team plans to gain an upper hand in the market by creating technology that can change formation,… and is easy to attach to… or detach from… the body.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.