Over 70 FREE Custom Watch Faces for LEMFO LEMX Android Smartwatch

Over 70 FREE Custom Watch Faces for LEMFO LEMX Android Smartwatch

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This LEMX smartwatch has been provided by LEMFO for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to LEMFO for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this LEMX smartwatch, please use one of the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

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By now you’ve probably noticed it in the videos. There’s a flat tyre at the bottom of the screen of the LEMFO LEMX smartwatch. Some folks say this would be the perfect watch if it weren’t for that flat tyre. Others hardly notice it since the watch itself is so big. Well, I set out on a quest to look through hundreds of custom designed watch faced and sort out a select few that integrate well with this flash-backto the Android Wear past screen design in a way that either masks the black swath or builds upon it as part of the ontegrated flow.

Now mind you, all these watch faces were developed way before this watch was created. They were made for typical round watches, and in fact, you can use them on any Android watch. But they work well with the LEMX, which is why they were chosen. Imagine what can be done now by designers creating specifically for this platform! Good news: You don’t have to imagine or wait. It’s happening right now. Here are a couple of links to resources where new faces are being posted all the time, many of which are exclusively for the LEMX:

Round Android Smartwatches G+:
Square Android Smartwatches G+:
Round and Square Android Smartwatches G+:

Now, about today’s video. I’ve prepared a folder full of information about the faces you see on the screen, and I’ve put the list of all the faces, as named by the creators, on the video at the beginning. That way you can always scroll back and check the listing to zero in on the exact name of any face you like. So the way to start is to download this ZIP file for access to the archive of watch face links:

So this “LEMX Watch Faces” ZIP file contains the following:
File – Expanded Instructions
Folder – ClockSkinDesignsLinks (text files with links to individual developer clock skins sorted alphabetically by the names that were given to them by each developer)
Folder – ClockSkinDirectory (images of each of the clock skin links listed in the folder ClockSkinDesignsLinks)


If you want to look at each and every developer designed watch face described here on your own watch, then you will want to locate, download, and unzip the watch face files for each one by following the links in the individual pages in the ClockSkinDesignsLinks folder to your computer. Next you will copy each watch face folder to your watch and place it in the folder named clockskin.

UPDATE 2018-10-21 From Pablo Eleven (Pablo11)
Here is the LEMX FW link – users will have to sign in for this because it’s firmware     The rest of the forum is open to visitors but firmware is a little different.

Here is the full review of this LEMX:

You can follow all the LEMFO reviews via this Playlist:

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