Oura Ring Sleep & HRV Review

Oura Ring Sleep & HRV Review

In This Video I give my honest opinion of the Oura Ring

Throughout the course of (roughly) a year, I’ve looked around at different wearable technology and wanted to try a product that would specifically monitor my sleep quality. With this product I wanted to specifically test what effect (if at all) monitoring my sleep would have on my training and daily performance. After doing some research on different products, along with reading about heart-rate-variability (HRV) I stumbled across the Oura Ring. After taking some time and consideration finally went all in on purchasing one.

Since this review, there are now several forms of wearable technologies that can monitor sleep along with performance. If you’re interested in having me review one of those products, leave a comment down below of the product and I just might get to it! 😉

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