No.1 G5 vs No.1 G6 – Which should you buy?

No.1 G5 vs No.1 G6 – Which should you buy?

NO.1 G5 Tethering Smartwatch:
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NO.1 G6 Tethering Smartwatch:
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This video is a quick comparison of the No.1 G5 and No.1 G6 full tethering smartwatches. We have complete unboxing reviews on these watches as well.

To see the full unboxing and review of the No.1 G5 smartwatch, click here:

To see the full unboxing and review of the No.1 G6 smartwatch, click here:

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UPDATE 2016-10-09: Installing Watch Faces on Tethering Watches
One of our viewers has made a simple list of steps to follow in installing watch faces on tethering watches that use the Fundo wear or Mediatek phone app. Here’s his post:
From Carlo Bonacci
Thanks…for the conveniene of anyone else with the same confusion:
1. Install Fundo Wear or Mediatek Smartdevice on your phone.
2. Download any watch face / extract it.
3. There will be 3 files: .xml, .png and .vxp. Copy these, and paste into your smartphone sdcard inside folder “appmanager” .
4. Open the mediatek or fundo app, connect to your watch. Then go to “My Application”, press “Install Now” button on the watch face.
5. Done.
Here is the link to find and download various watch faces:

UPDATE 2016-11-18: From one of our viewers. Thanks!
Will Smith
I saw you guys are asking how to install watchface on G6.This is a tutorial.hope it helps. 1) 2)

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