MevoFit Slim HR Smart-Fitness-Band-Watch for Women Sleek

MevoFit Slim HR Smart-Fitness-Band-Watch for Women Sleek
Band for women – the smart fitness tracker band, created with you – the woman in mind. And since you are so special, here is the band that is crafted to match your persona and substance. The band is created to look good on your beautiful wrist, to compliment and complete it. slim fitness bands are sleek, stylish and made to compliment your looks in whatever fashion you carry with many inter-changeable color options for the straps to go with what you wear today
Period and ovulation tracker – easiest way to track your periods and ovulation cycle. it is your girl companion, your friend, who will just remind you, in time, to have it figured out, being prepared with emotions and your extras, to keep you going for the day, with a smile on your face and leave the worries behind you
Fitness band – a fitness band with a beautifully curved glass and rounded edges. It has a diagonal groove design inspired from the perfect cut of a diamond on the strap that shows off the intrinsic sense and appreciation of beauty and style that you hold. Shiny clear glass that shines lustrously on your wrist and a display that looks so smart that you just want to look at it
Features of slim band – it is a full fledged fitness tracker with complete set of functions that would help you keep track of your overall fitness and get your wellness quotient going high including steps tracker, distance tracker, sleep tracker, reminders, push alerts, weather, multiple sports mode (10), camera press short cut, sedentary alert, and a lot more
1 Year warranty claims