MAKIBES G05 Smart Sport Watch: Unboxing and Review

MAKIBES G05 Smart Sport Watch: Unboxing and Review

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Tethering app:
Fundo Pro –

Video Reviews showing Tether App in detail:
Fundo Pro: G05 –
Fundo Pro: F4 –
Fundo Pro: SN60 –
Fundo Pro: F6 –

This is a dual mode cross-over watch in that it provides sports/fitness tracking information and offers standalone SIM calling support as well as full tethering by letting you place calls through your phone.

It supports daily reports of steps walked and heart rate monitoring, along with timed walks, runs, and bike rides, either tied to GPS or without route tracking. It does not handle swimming or water activities as this watch is not fully waterproof.

It interfaces with the “Fundo Pro” app, which provides limited display of synced information from your watch. For example, the watch has built in GPS and can accurately report your speed when running or biking, but none of the location information is transferred to the phone app, so you can’t see your route. All in all it is a nice enhancement to the Makibes line with a bright screen and loud speaker.

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