Inclusive Design in Wearable Technology – Creative Computing intensive courses

Inclusive Design in Wearable Technology  – Creative Computing intensive courses

15 – 19 July

UAL London College of Fashion

This workshop provided the students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to produce individual wearable technology devices employing e-textiles and embedded sensors, for the purpose of improving lives or simply to enhance aesthetics.

Students will experience first hand the process of designing, wiring and programming interactive soft circuits to create innovative solutions for applications of their choice which may include but not limited to fashion, art, music, gaming, and healthcare.

The new UAL Creative Computing (UAL CCI) Institute supports interdisciplinary teaching, research and knowledge exchange at the intersection of creativity and computational technologies.
The Institute works across domains such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside exploring how the contemporary world is being defined through human computer interaction and social platforms.

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Delivered by
Hadeel Ayoub

Hadeel is a designer, programmer and PhD researcher in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). She is based at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she has been developing wearable innovations for gesture recognition applications.

Hadeel has participated in many global exhibitions featuring assistive technology for social care and community impact. She is currently working with local schools to implement her technology in classrooms to support the inclusions of deaf and autistic children. Hadeel is the founder and CTO of BrightSign, a wearable technology start- up developing enabling innovations dedicated to facilitating communication for individuals with non-verbal disabilities.