How to increase swimming shoulder fatigue-resistance with Lesley Paterson

How to increase swimming shoulder fatigue-resistance with Lesley Paterson

Increase swimming shoulder stamina & fatigue resistance with 2 key exercises.  Discover how “swimming backwards” using a Vasa SwimErg will condition the muscles used in the recovery stroke path to improve efficiency and reduce injury.   Xterra World Champion Lesley Paterson explains and demonstrates these useful exercises. 

The Vasa SwimErg is the ultimate swimming machine for improving specific strength, endurance, sustained power,  & freestyle swimming technique.  It’s effective for training all strokes — freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke. The SwimErg provides high quality, efficient swim training at home or Club to swim stronger, better, faster than ever. 

Time-crunched athletes use it to gain swim-specific fitness when outside of the pool or open water. Triathletes also train with the SwimErg to practice swim / bike brick workouts, transitions and indoor triathlons in their home fitness room. Open water swimmers do sustained swims without turns in a pool or the worries associated with swimming in open water. It’s effective for all ages and abilities, and saves time and money by eliminating pool fees, drive time to the pool, and preparation time.

Consistent training with a Vasa SwimErg will build swim-specific and functional conditioning critical for making steady improvements. Training with Vasa is convenient, enabling you to swim at home or at the club, on your schedule, regardless of pool availability. No more hassles with crowded lanes, poor air quality, or inconvenient pool times.


Since 1988, Vasa has produced premium quality training equipment for sports, fitness and rehabilitation. For decades, Olympic-level swimmers, swim coaches, triathletes, triathlon coaches, and dry land conditioning coaches worldwide have selected the Vasa Trainer and Vasa SwimErg to dramatically improve performance for swimmers, surfers, paddlers, skiers, triathletes, all sport athletics and those seeking total-body fitness. 

Be sure to also check out Triathlon Training:  How to Improve Your Freestyle Swim, a 5-part technique series with Coach Karlyn Pipes. You’ll learn the essentials needed to develop an efficient, powerful Freestyle swim, including use of the Vasa Swim Ergometer swim training system.

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