How Technology Has Impacted the Fashion Industry According to Wayne Shulick

How Technology Has Impacted the Fashion Industry According to Wayne Shulick

There’s no denying that technology has had an unparalleled impact on the world and this impact has made its way into the fashion industry over the past few years.

As someone who has an extensive background in the fashion industry, Wayne Shulick has seen firsthand how technology has played a major role in transforming fashion. From the rise of e-commerce and social media marketing to the invention of new types of wearable technology, there are a number of ways that technological innovation has influenced the industry.

The first way that technology has impacted the fashion industry is through the new products that have come about because of it. Think of items like the Apple Watch. This device is not only an incredible piece of technology but is also a wearable fashion accessory.

We live in an age dominated by social media and online interaction. This pertains not only to how people interact, but to how consumers buy products and how companies market products to them. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and especially Instagram have all grown to be extremely powerful tools when it comes to influencing consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. Many models nowadays are chosen based on their significant social media following versus on their experience in the industry.

Another way that technology has revolutionized the fashion industry is through e-commerce. Online shopping isn’t going anywhere and in order to survive, fashion retailers need to adapt to it.

Wayne Shulick is an entrepreneur located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wayne has a long history of business creation and development in numerous industries. Wayne has worked as a consultant, owner, & founder in the clothing, design, & nightlife industries.

Wayne is in the process of breaking into the hospitality business and hopes to launch his new endeavor sometime in Spring 2020

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