GPS Tracking Insoles / Inserts For Shoes (GPS Smartsole – Discrete Dementia Tracker) [2019]

GPS Tracking Insoles / Inserts For Shoes (GPS Smartsole – Discrete Dementia Tracker) [2019]

GPS Tracking Insoles / Inserts For Shoes – (GPS Smartsole). Keeping people with dementia safe.


// Summary //

The GPS Smartsole is a tracker that won’t be left behind. Peace of mind and independence through accurate location tracking updates of those living with Dementia.

// Key Features //

✓ Accurate Location Updates on Mobile/PC
✓ Receive Alerts When They Leave an Area
✓ More Independence: Help Them Stay Living at Home
✓ Get Updates via Text Message & Email
✓ More Likely to be Worn, Not Left in the House
✓ Works Across The World (No Extra Cost)
✓ Peace of Mind for Less Than £1 Per Day
✓ Free Tracking App (iOS & Android)
✓ Free Delivery

With ‘wandering’ being a top safety concern for those caring for someone suffering with Alzheimer’s, Dementia tracker technology reducing it’s dangers can be invaluable to their quality of life and your peace of mind. The GPS Smartsole offers a discreet solution that fits comfortably in the shoes of your loved one.

The Alzheimer’s society states that ‘walking about‘ is not necessarily a bad thing, as it enables Dementia sufferer’s to relieve stresses and partake in exercise, although this can be worrying for those concerned with their care, as dangers like busy roads or getting lost are a real threat.

Some prescription drugs or additional security measures like locking doors effect quality of live, freedom and can be a big risk for example in the event of a fire.

The GPS Smartsole Dementia tracker helps to retain maximum quality of life and freedom for the individual, whilst maintaining their safety and your peace of mind. The ideal GPS For Shoes.

// Empowering carers, keeping loved ones safe //

Although many faculties of memory may be affected by Dementia, as people have habitually put their shoes on most days of their life, this process is very likely to be maintained, even after developing the condition. Known as ‘Procedural Memory’, this means that unlike other Dementia tracker devices e.g. key fobs, necklace pendants or bracelets, the likelihood of GPS for shoes being left behind, removed or tampered with is dramatically reduced.

// Intelligent Monitoring //

Using ‘Geozone’ technology, you can easily and precisely draw out areas on the integrated Google maps where the individual would be safe within, meaning you’ll only be notified via text or email when they leave a certain area e.g. their home / garden, street or village. Please not the minimum radius for this is 100m.

The GPS for shoes can also be used to alert you when your loved one may be entering an area of danger e.g. a lake, busy road or railway line, enabling the freedom for the individual to walk about or wander with dramatically reduced levels of danger. This offers peace of mind for you, the family and any caregivers.

// Personalised Updates, Accurate Tracking //

These Smartsole GPS for shoes have a tracking app (available on iOS and Android) and online browser portal, so you can see exactly where the wearer is 24/7. This can be accessed by any number of family members or carers, so a trusted network of people can always stay in the loop.

There’s also no limit to the number of safe or unsafe zones you set. Perhaps the wearer is on holiday or temporarily in a different location? Just log on to the portal and add a new ‘geozone’ that you’ll be notified if they leave or enter.

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