Fennec Watch One – World’s first kid’s smartwatch for tweens (Kickstarter version)

Fennec Watch One – World’s first kid’s smartwatch for tweens (Kickstarter version)

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Fennec Watch One is the world’s first kids smartwatch designed for tweens. It helps your kids stay connected with family and friends while keeping their screen time under control.

Designed for communication, the Fennec Watch One comes equipped with Fennec Messenger, an instant messaging system that’s fun and safe for family and friends.

Any friend request sent to your child requires your approval first, ensuring your kids are only contacted by people you trust.

The Fennec Watch One makes it easy to make video calls to friends and family that you have authorized.

Location tracking gives you peace of mind when you’re away. You can even provide caregivers with temporary access to your child’s location to help them keep track of your loved one.

Capture the moment with the built-in camera, or rotate it when it’s time for a selfie.

It’s easy to share photos with family and friends, and voice messaging makes communication intuitive.

Keep your family connected with group chat that your kids can join too, allowing your child to share their lives and keep in touch with faraway relatives.

Do you have a forgetful child? Create event reminders to keep them on track.

Your child can also set their own reminders, helping them take on new responsibilities in organizing their own schedules, fostering independence and self-esteem.

Your child can listen to their own music on the go by connecting a Bluetooth headset.

We have curated a series of watch faces in various styles, giving kids a variety of ways to express themselves as they grow with the watch.

Equipped with video calling and social sharing features, Fennec Watch One allows your child to build closer relationships with family and friends.

Connect and share, with Fennec.