ECOcyborg Fashion Tech Show 17 | IED Barcelona

ECOcyborg Fashion Tech Show 17 | IED Barcelona

IED Barcelona Fashion Tech Show “ECOcyborg” is a new initiative promoted by IED Barcelona Design University and YOMO Barcelona and it showcases the future of fashion on occasion of the Mobile World Congress. During four days, wearable technology designed by IED students in a one-week workshop will be shown in a live art performance with bespoke materials, shapes and colours.

Alex Murray-Leslie, artist and researcher in sounding wearables, will be the creative director of the performance with Julia Weems, designer and Fashion director of IED Barcelona. Both of them have coordinated a workshop where a group of students and alumni have experimented and investigated with new computational materials that will lead the future of fashion.

The outfits are made with sustainable and biodegradable materials, using light as an aesthetic element and the concept #selfie as a perspective of social media influence on life. After an on-going research, students have worked with cutting-edge materials, including some bespoke e-textiles produced in collaboration with Anastasia Pistofidou Fab Textiles Founder at Fab Lab Barcelona, 3D printed chainmail textiles, bioplastics and laser cutting, as well as fabricating upcycling textiles promoting a circular economy, vegetable textiles and on-body technologies.

The performance presents metaphorical intersections through stage set design and their choreography. The show seeks to inspire kids to leave their iPads and do stuff, meet and collaborate with other kids. Learning how to play a musical instrument is good for brain development, and so it is working with electronics; science proves the more you enhance neuroplasticity, the better you get.

In addition, the models from Sugar Kids agency and Barcino Management agencies will wear accessories designed by the Canadian researcher and inventor Steve Mann. He holds a PhD in Media Arts (1997) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he is internationally known as the father of the fashion tech for his early researches in the eighties.

IED Barcelona is a leading design school focusing on innovation and, with this workshop, it stands out as a pioneer in technological fashion and wearables, showcasing the numerous technological applications and functionalities that are defining new ways of dressing and performing in the world of Fashion.

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