Dirt Cheap Smart Watches in 2020: How Good they actually are? Senbono S09 and S10 Plus Tested!

Dirt Cheap Smart Watches in 2020: How Good they actually are? Senbono S09 and S10 Plus Tested!

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✔️ Senbono S10 Plus: 👉

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Every year I have the habit of picking some of the cheapest devices – out of curiosity and share my opinion about them with you.
This time we will test two whitelabel devices – Senbono S09 and S10 Plus.

The S10 Plus seems shockingly familiar to … the Amazfit Stratos. In reality – if you are 2-3 meters away from the watch – it will be hard to say which one is the original. Coming closer makes things easy, because the original has a transflective display. One major win for the S10plus – full round display. As opposed to the flat-tire display of the Amazfit.
In fact the build quality of this one – although not that bad – is a big difference to the Stratos. The plastic feels cheaper. The strap feels particularly uncomfortable and got me a light rash after a day of usage. I think the buckle’s side is too big and makes contact with the skin – which irritated me.
On the inside – it uses a Nordic semiconductor chip – they are famous for being battery friendly, and quite cheap. 350MAH battery, 1.3 IPS round screen, and Bluetooth 5.
Two buttons – the top one is something like on and off switch, the bottom acts as a home button; Swiping actions are used for navigation. While the pulse measurement is often inaccurate – and it tends to get pulse of any kind of surface it makes contact with, I have to admit that the watch did surprise me with tracking my sleep activity – compared to the Huawei Watch GT2 which can measure your sleep performance very precisely.
Check the video to see the other stranger – the S09 – at the price of around 35 dollars. From plastic – we jump onto metal shell. And promises even blood pressure measurement. So let’s pay attention to the details. Compared to the S10plus – this one feels like Premium – well designed, elegant look and feel, very comfortable strap – again – with quick release option. The top part has leather texture, underneath – soft silicon. 1.3 inch display, with good colors, 200mah battery, exactly the same chipset, but the engineering here is on a different level. Look at the animations – look at the precision of the display. Notice how well organizes the menus are; True – some of them are named weirdly, but it all makes sense, and is so easy to configure.

These whitelabel watches, are lost somewhere between the smartfunctions and their fitness band nature; basically – they represent something like cheap fitness trackers on steroids. Some good ideas, quite poor on feature smartphone apps; And I have to say – impressive build quality and design for the S09 model.
For the last 12 months – we notice that now manufacturers are taking the waterproffness seriously, and almost every new device can at least survive pool swimming. Continuous heartrate is considered to be an essential feature, and the better ones have a developed blood pressure mechanism. You won’t be amazed, but likely is a good base to join the world of smartwatches; If you are looking for reliability, and a device which has had some more research and development for hardware and software – then I can think of at least 5 awesome fitness trackers that can do the same, and cost lest than $5 


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