Colmi VS115 Smart Watch Android / OS 1GB RAM 16GB ROM

Colmi VS115 Smart Watch Android / OS 1GB RAM 16GB ROM

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• Android 5.1 OS, RAM 1G + ROM 16G, support Google play store, you can download any apps on your watch.
• Support Network 3G&2G, easy to answer phone Call and Dial Call on your smartwatch.
• Pedometer, Sedentary reminder: Take care of your health, record sports data, remind you to have a rest.
• Push Information: See all of your phone’s notifications on your watch, including phone calls, Never Miss A Notification.
• Other Functions: WIFI, GPS, Whether, Calculator, Bluetooth, Calendar, Photo Gallery.
• Warranty: 1 year warranty for the defective watch without man-mad damage.
• All the functions described are truly credible.

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