Cisium´s Fashion Electronic Project

Cisium´s Fashion Electronic Project

Cisium is an independent electronic engineering and software development start-up.

We are exploring already for some time the the functional enhancement of clothes and compliments improving the customer experience revolutionizing the world of clothing.

About 8 month ago we started an internal project to demonstrate the potentials and possible application of the next generation clothes looking forwards to partner with the textile industry that wants to be part of this revolution.

For our prototype which will be presented in this video we decide to used a bag made of a special fabric made of ultra-thin optical fibers.

Apparel fitted with sensor detecting, recording analyzing physiological data from the wearer, environment and smart phones and on the other hand actuating based on those data, opens opportunities for many professional and leisure applications.

As mentioned we have already a prototype Hardware and Android and initial costing and are looking for investors especially in the clothing industry interested develop and commercialize e-textile products.

We are looking for professional client for long term relationship and would be glad to discuss and explore potential synergies and ways of collaboration.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best Regards
Luis Martinez


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