Chase your destiny | Polar M430 Advanced GPS running watch

Chase your destiny | Polar M430 Advanced GPS running watch

Chase your destiny with Polar M430, an active runner’s GPS watch with wrist-based heart rate, advanced training features and 24/7 activity tracking. Read more:

Polar M430 is a waterproof running watch with wrist-based heart rate, integrated GPS, Polar’s advanced training features and 24/7 activity tracking. It offers personalized guidance and feedback for training and daily activity and syncs data to the Polar Flow app automatically via Bluetooth.

******* THE BEST OF POLAR M430 *******

Polar M430 uses Polar’s proprietary 6-LED optical heart rate solution to measure your heart rate from the wrist. This watch is ready to train with you whenever, wherever.

The built-in GPS tracks your pace, distance and route during all your outdoor workouts.

Polar M430’s built-in accelerometer provides pace and distance data when a GPS signal is not available.

Polar M430 is packed with features that are designed to upgrade your running performance. Train smarter with personalized feedback and guidance — Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features, such as Running Index, Training Load and Recovery Status help you optimize your training. With Polar Fitness Test you can test your aerobic fitness level in only five minutes without any exertion. Polar M430 also comes with many other handy training features, such as a stopwatch and an interval timer.

Running Program is a free running plan made just for you and your needs. Choose one of four events, 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon, set your event date and get a comprehensive training plan that fits you and your goals. Your running program is based on your training background and your current fitness level. The program can range from 9 weeks up to 20 months in length, depending on your event, race date and training choices. The Running Program consists of three phases. The base building phase focuses on improving your fitness and preparing you for your actual running program. The build-up phase is when you do the hard work to boost your running performance, and the tapering phase is the final preparation for your race day. The program includes five different types of runs: easy jogs, medium runs, interval sessions, tempo runs and long runs. All running sessions consist of a warm-up, the actual training phase, and a cool-down. Your Polar M430 guides you through every workout and gives you feedback on each session. The Polar Running Program is not all about running: the program offers you strength and mobility exercises with video instructions to support your training.The videos are available in the Polar Flow web service and the Polar Flow app, so you can do them whenever and wherever. Read more:

Polar Flow app & web service is Polar’s complete fitness and training platform developed with your training needs in mind. Polar Flow helps you keep track of your daily activity, analyze your progress and connect with the Polar community. Get started:

Chase your destiny with #PolarM430.
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