Best GPS Tracker Watch For People / Elderly / Lone Workers [2019]

Best GPS Tracker Watch For People / Elderly / Lone Workers [2019]

The World’s Best GPS Tracker Watch For People / Elderly / Lone Workers – FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY

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Please note: bluetooth range of the ‘home beacon’ has now been updated to up to 10m. This can be extended with a bluetooth mini beacon available from us.

– Key Features: Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

– Average 7 Day Battery Life (Long-Lasting)

– Can Be Locked To Their Wrist (Optional)

– Alerts As Soon As They’ve Left The House (Optional)

– Looks & Feels Like A Regular Watch

– Track Their Location in Real Time

– View Map On Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

– Mark Safe Zones, Know When They Leave or Enter

– 2-Way Communication – Call Watch Anytime

– SOS Button – Launches Call. Alerts If Nobody Answers.

– Loud Speakerphone With Auto-Answer

– Time Slot Alerts e.g. ‘Tell Me If They Leave Home 10PM – 6AM’

– Fast-Charging (Empty to Full to 90 Mins)

– No Contract, Just A Monthly Fee

– Water-Resistant & Rugged Build

– Works Across The World (No Extra Cost)

– Low Battery Alerts

– Comfortable PU Leather Strap

– Tamper-Proof Charging Dock – No Fiddly Cables

– Designed Specifically For Dementia

– Swedish Engineering & Design Excellence

– Made in EU, Not China

– Designed by Doro, The World’s Leading Senior Tech Company

– Easy & Accurate Tracking – (Ultimate Dementia Tracker)
If you’re looking for a dementia GPS tracker, this is the ideal solution. Accurately track your loved ones or people under your care on the tracking map, no matter where they are. When they’re outdoors, you can track them with an average accuracy of 10m² to 15m². You can also call the wearer at any time!

This GPS Watch Has ‘Emergency Tracking Mode’ Where Location Will Be Updated Every 120 Seconds

When searching for a dementia patient that has gone wondering, It can be very frustrating waiting for the next location update before knowing where to look next. With other trackers this could be up to 15 mins. With this GPS tracker watch, you can switch on ’emergency tracking mode’ where you’ll be updated every 2 mins, making it much quicker and easier to track them down safely.

Simple 2-Way Calling & SOS Button – (Phone Watch)
Other GPS Watches think voicemail is an answer, this Dementia Tracker Watch knows it’s not and will call the next contact

This watch’s phone function is perfect for keeping people with dementia and the elderly safe and secure. As the watch has it’s own sim card and phone number, it can make and receive high quality calls from up to 10 pre-set contacts, just like a mobile phone. Contacts can be added or removed at any time via the tracking dashboard Only your approved contacts can call the watch, so no unsolicited calls.

– SOS Button: How does it work?

The wearer simply presses the Watch’s SOS button for 1.5 seconds and an emergency call is activated. There is a loading bar on the watch’s face to show when an SOS call has been launched
The GPS watch instantly goes to a very loud (adjustable) speakerphone and calls up to 8 emergency contacts until one of them answers. This could be a family member or monitoring centre. If it goes to voicemail, the system will recognise this and move on to the next contact.
Once answered, the watch wearer and call receiver can have a high quality 2-way conversation.
If there is no answer, an email, phone call or both will be immediately sent to designated contacts.

– Calling The Watch: How does it work?

The GPS watch has a number like a regular mobile phone. This can be called at any time by any predefined number, (we recommend saving the watch as a contact in your phone).
If enabled, the watch can automatically answer and go to loud speaker-phone when called. This is ideal for dementia patients that may not remember how to answer a call.

– GeoZones – Know When They Enter/Leave An Area Or Their Home

Other GPS Trackers won’t alert you until they’ve breached the ‘safe area’ (usually a minimum of 200m). This GPS Watch will alert you as soon as they’ve left home.

Because this GPS tracker watch has a smart bluetooth charging hub, you can be alerted as soon as the wearer leaves their home. This is because bluetooth radius is less than 50m, so when the connection is broken, you’ll be alerted. There is also a 5 min tolerance from after the home area is breached, this is so the wearer can do something like take the bins out without creating a false alarm.

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