“AR & Wearable Technology” Google+ Hangout, hosted by IEEE

“AR & Wearable Technology” Google+ Hangout, hosted by IEEE


Augmented Reality (AR) & Wearable Technology Panel Discussion:

Wearable technologies can be part of an Augmented Reality-assisted information acquisition and delivery system by providing more sensors to detect the user’s context and an alternative to looking at a smartphone or tablet screen for consuming AR experiences.

Many who have become aware of the potential of Augmented Reality in the past 2 years have been introduced to the concepts by reading an article or watching a YouTube video about Google’s wearable display, Project Glass (aka Google Glass). Glass provides, as part of a complete system the user wears on their face and near the eye, a small display for information snacking and sensors, such as the camera and microphone, for “capturing” activity in the real world with photographs and video clips.

Google’s introduction of Glass has increased the attention paid by the media and, as a result by others, to the providers of wearable technologies. During this session we will hear expert opinions about the Project Glass, the general rise in wearable technology options for mobile AR experience delivery and context acquisition, and how this trend can impact learning, business and humanity.

• Is Google Project Glass the first wearable display for AR?
• What is the size of this entire category of technology and what are the most important segments?
• Who provides wearable technology that is fully “AR ready”?
• How do users obtain and control wearable technology for AR experiences?
• What about wearable technology style?
• When will costs of these special devices go down and the technology become mainstream?

  Steven Feiner, Columbia University
  Brian Ballard, CEO APX Labs
  Josh Waddell, SAP

Moderator: Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting and the AR for Enterprise Alliance

Hosted by IEEE

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