The Amazfit GTR is a smartwatch with some very ‘analogy’ looks. Is it any good? Let’s find out! Let’s go! ➜ Get the Amazfit GTR 47 mm here on AliExpress:
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The Amazfit GTR is a pretty affordable but good looking smartwatch that works with both iOS and Android. It comes in a 47mm and a 42mm model in various finishes. (Titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum.) In my review, I am looking at the 47 MM model which has a very decent 410mAh battery which lasts for about ~20 days on a single charge depending on your use. It charges in about 2 hours, so the battery has been very convenient.

It has a 5ATM rating meaning it is waterproof up to 50 meters in water. So it surely is suitable to wash your hands with, shower, and swim with: no problem.

The watch can, besides showing the time, function as a step-counter, heart rate monitor and has a few onboard apps. These apps include a Bluetooth Music remote for your phone, weather app, compass, reminders, alarms, and it can show the notifications from your phone. Also very notable is the fitness tracker which can track walking and running, but also includes several trackers for swimming and even climbing.

There’s a lot that’s been done very well with the GTR and over the last months of wearing it I had a lot of people asking me about this watch; which to me is an indicator that a lot of people are attracted to its design.

A few, but small, downsides are that it does not show emoji in the notifications. It does not show each of the APP icons when receiving a notification but rather shows an icon saying “APP” for some apps. These really are just some small issues that might not even bother you.

The one thing that I found to be slightly badly designed is the always-on-display. This will show a dimmed and very minimalistic watch face at all times. However, when raising your wrist this screen will turn brighter and switch to your actual watch face. -This is again just a minor issue which is something they could possibly fix with a firmware update, as I did mention this to the developers…

Overall I am very satisfied with the GTR and I found it to be very pleasant to wear over the last few months as it does look and feel a lot more classy than most smartwatches.

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