9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches For Everyone

9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches For Everyone

9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches For Everyone

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition
this smartwatch has a basic step-counting and activity recording along with your text checking features. this small and comfortable wacth comes in a wide variety of colors. the Fitbit’s app is also complete with new features like female health tracking and a sleep score.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
this small, light, and waterproof watch also comes with a display that’s readable in sunlight and navigable via a five-button system. it can also measure your stride length and estimate your times for a 5K, half-marathon, or marathon. this Garmin Forerunner 645 Music also has contactless payments and can store up to 500 songs.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
if you mostly get lost during your travel, you probably need this Garmin GPS watch. this watch is also complete with detailed topographical maps, contactless payments, storage for up to 500 songs, step counts and heart rate monitor, and has durable and waterproof casing. this watch is sold from $800 for the smallest model and to $1,150 for the Sapphire 5X version.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3
this simple, basic fitness tracker is wrapped on a waterproof casing and complete with rubber wristband. you can hold your finger on the indented button to record exercise or taking your heart rate measurement. however, this watch can’t distinguish between different kinds of exercises, and the app isn’t quite appealling.

Apple Watch Series 4
this Apple Watch Series has an updated accelerometer and gyroscope to alert people if you’ve lost your conciousness. New electrodes on this watch can detect some alarming cardiac irregularitiesour body on and a new optical heart rate sensor can capture your workout data.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
this light and attractive Apple Watch is dust- and water-resistant, it also has built-in GPS, continuous heart rate tracking, and cheery notifications when you achieved the smallest fitness goals. You can also use your Samsung phone to charge it with the magical Power Share feature!.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch
before Google makes a Pixel watch, this smartwatch has become the most anticipated watch to buy. in fact, Google spent $40 million to acquire Fossil’s smartwatch intellectual property and a few engineers. this watch is solidly-built, and comes with attractive hardware, a Qualcomm 3100 processor. However, this smartwatch sometimes does not work, and Google Fit doesn’t track swimming.

Suunto 9 Baro
this watch offers up to 120 hours continuous tracking by using motion sensor data to extend the time in between GPS pings. The watch can also automatically switches battery modes if needs to, and warns you to charge before it turning off.

Withings Steel HR Sport
The Move is the most affordable watch from withings. the Move ECG at CES has impressed everyone, it can take an electrocardiogram at any time. It can also get phone notifications, check your heart rate, and record one of almost 40 activities with connected GPS. It is also still connects to Nokia’s Health Mate app so it can check your sleep or assess your fitness level by estimating your maximum oxygen intake. sadly, the tiny digital screen on this watch is hard to read in sunlight.

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